Black German Shepherds


Quotes Mya joined our family 2 weeks ago and she has made us laugh every day. She is a friendly, confident puppy and gets on really well with our other dog and any other people and dogs she meets. We are delighted with her and Thank you Catherine for giving her a great start in life so when we got her she was ready for the rest of her life with us. Quotes
Satisfied Mum

Quotes Hi Catherine We wanted to say thanks for giving Cara to us. She's with us two weeks today and is a great little girl, full of energy and fun. Our other dogs are doing very well with introductions and she's learning very quickly how to interact with them. House training is going well and she is really bonded with us already. Hopefully she will grow up to be as wonderful a companion to us as our last solid black German Shepherd. We're really pleased with her progress and we think she's a great addition to our family. Once again, thanks for producing such a great temperament in a pup. S&D Quotes
Sharon & Diarmuid
Cara Update

Quotes Ive had samara since she was 8 weeks old,she's been a joy and lovely tempered extremely affectionate dog since then and has grown to be one of the nicest looking dogs i have seen/owned constatntly turning heads and playing with everybody. due to my travelling alot she i bring her to any of three vets each of which have highly complemented her physical health,appearance,bone structure and temperement. She is now a loved member of the family and her protective nature is just perfect. She is quiet obedient and adaptive in her behaviour when i keep her inside the house and when outside..although she loves to sleep with me in the bed! Quotes
khalid hamdy

Quotes "Rory's a great dog with a very loving personality and has a excellent temperment with children of all ages. All our neighbour children love him. Rory and my 7 year old daughter spend hours playing outside together. Rory also gets along very well with our other German Sheperd Jack and all other types of animals. Rory is a very loved member of our family" Quotes
George Bleakley
For a pic of Rory see Children of Bavan gallery